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Julimex Figi Shape & Chic Wysoka Talia
CAD $34.29
Julimex Figi Shapewear 241
CAD $34.29
Julimex Figi Shapewear 271
CAD $26.48
Julimex Shape & Chic Wysoka Talia
CAD $34.29
Mitex Ona Figi
Mitex Ona Figi is smooth high rise shaping figs. Front has been reinforced so that panties gently flatten the stomach and eliminate the so-called folds. Panties are soft to the touch and perfectly adhere to the body to provide comfort and convenience. Due to the high content of cotton in the composition underwear is breathable.   Composition: 95% cotton 5% spandex ..
CAD $11.64
Mitex Pure Glam
Mitex Pure Glam is shaping high-waisted figs. Flatten the tummy, waist slimming. The inside is finished with silicone band prevents slipping underwear. Specially designed rear lifts and shapes the buttocks. Panties are fastened to step on the latch which significantly facilitates the use of them. Briefs adhere perfectly to the body, so they are invisible under clothing.   ..
CAD $35.52
Wolbar Suprima
Wolbar Suprima is smooth, high-waisted shaping panties. The panties flat the belly and underline the waist. The upper part is finished inside with the sillicon belt that keeps the underwear in the right place during the whole day. Specially designed back lifts and rounds the buttocks. Panties ideally attach to the body what cause that are invisible under clothing.   ..
CAD $28.12
Wolbar Uniqa
Wolbar Uniqa is shaping panties. The front of the panties was strenghtened.by double layer of material, thanks to it, panties flat the lower parts of the belly. Specially used meshwork in the back lifts buttocks shaping them in desired way. Flat seams and trimmings cause that underwear is invisible under clothing. ..
CAD $22.76